We decode human behaviour, perception and decision making to (re)design products and service offerings that make your and your customers’ lives easier, better, or more enjoyable.



We collaborate with you to find the best project setup to reach your objectives. What are you currently seeking to achieve?




We generate insights and design impactful solutions that create value.

Depending on your activities and your needs, we compile an attractive package for you.


& Understanding
& Recommendations
& Prototypes



An insight is the destillate of

observations and user stories into non-obvious understanding of your users / customers. Good insights unveil patterns that explain user behaviour on a fundamental human level. 
These insights are the very basis of understanding your users and their behaviour now - even in cases when they seem irrational at first glance - and making predictions about  their 
responses to future changes.

Artifacts could be:

Insights presentations, personas, stakeholder maps, customer journeys, decision trees, photo safaris, ...



Opportunities identify potentials for

value creation in response to customer insights. They are no concrete solutions, yet, but areas and potentials worthy of pursuing, as they carry the potential for solutions that are beneficial for you as well as your users / customers.  We provide actionable recommendations that can guide concept development.

Artifacts could be:

Opportunity areas presentation, next steps workshop documentation, ...



Concepts are created in response to user needs and made tangible by 

building early prototypes. These prototypes make ideas clear, 

and can quickly be used to test their 

relevance, appeal, uniqueness or 

usability with real users. Repeated 

testing and iterative improvements 

allow quick fleshing out of concepts 

and strong confidence we develop 

solutions that adds true value for users / customers.


Artifacts could be:

Paper prototypes, wireframes, click dummies, form prototypes, functional prototypes, user feedback presentations, ...

*Throughout the project we bring our findings to life so that you have the chance to make them truly yours,

   and they can guide your further actions - also beyond our project brief.




Where strong insight works hand in hand with design craft,

the result always exceeds the sum of its parts,

creating impactful solutions and great user experience.

Valerie is a designer with a passion for things that are well thought through and realised with a love for detail.


She holds a diploma in design and has ample practical experience in various design disciplines, ranging from graphic design to service design.


She is constantly looking for solutions that create value in people‘s lives. Particularly noticable is Valerie‘s keen eye for detail: this serves her equally well in user observations and in spotting wildlife during long car rides.

Anna is a whole-hearted researcher and methods junkie.


Her academic background is in linguistics and cognitive psychology, followed by several years of work in qualitative research (market research & user research).


She is always trying to learn something new and to get to the root of things. New acquaintances should be warned against Anna‘s curiosity: if offered to be shown something, she will definitily be keen to see it!


What you see is what you get

there is the two of us, passionate about 

User-Centered Innovation & Experience Design

and we would like

to create great things with you.