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"Quality will be recognised". we wish!

"Quality will be recognised", "If we build it, they will come." Are you convinced that if you have a brilliant idea/product/service, it will be recognised as such?

Today, I'd like to argue that you do not only need to have a brilliant idea, you also need the right forum to put that idea into the spotlight.

The Washington Post conducted an experiment: What happens if world class violinist Joshua Bell played anonymously in a busy Washington subway station (3 days after having filled the prestigious Boston's Symphony hall) on his Stradivari violin?

Nothing, he was ignored.

We're all fallible of overestimating people's ability & openness to appreciate greatness when we see it. Leonard Slatkin, director of the National Symphony Orchestra, assumed upon hearing of the experiment that if the musician "is not recognized and just taken for granted as a street musician ... I don’t think that if he’s really good, he’s going to go unnoticed. ... out of 1,000 people, my guess is there might be 35 or 40 who will recognize the quality for what it is. Maybe 75 to 100 will stop and spend some time listening.”

Over 45 minutes, only 7 people stopped for at least a minute to listen.

Why would we then assume that it works any differently for our concepts, products or services? Within a corporation, we need a mentor or better even a lobby for our concepts to bring them to life. On the market, a product or service needs the right market entry strategy and the right marketing. It is vital to know your target audience, understand what situation and mindset you find them in, and catch their attention in a way they understand. Otherwise chances are your offer, no matter how virtuous, will go unnoticed.