• Janska & Mohr

Setting Up a UX Project for Success

A three step approach to solid scope definition.

Talk at UX Graz

April 20, 2021, 6:30pm


What is the task of your UX project, what are the objectives and what are they not? It sounds so trivial, yet explicit agreement on these questions across team members and stakeholders often is not. When? Tu, April 20th 2021 Where? Zoom link: What? In the next UX Meetup session, Anna Janska will share her experiences and suggest a three step approach to solid scope definition. This impulse will be followed by discussion and exchange between the participants. About the speaker: Anna Janska, User Research & Human-centered innovation professional, proposes that this initial agreement on the project scope, so-called project framing, is the first decisive point of any UX project.


Project Framing Canvas

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